Deskhouse: Home-Shaped, Two-Sided Workspace for Kids
Really Robust: Earthquake-Proof Desk Survives Smash Tests
Ups and Downs: Minimalist Desk With Topographic Storage
Globus: World-Dominating Work Station for Evil Masterminds
Sleek + Slim Minimal Desk Has a Hidden Place For Everything
Light & Heavy: Desk Supported by Both Blocks & Balloons
Design at Work: Sleek, Sophisticated Executive Office Desk
Instant Office: Snap-Together Custom Desk + Shelving Unit
Beware of Falling Books!? Shelved All-in-One Workstation
Built by Dornob: A Single-Board, Solid-Wood Desk Design
Mac Milk: Chic White Apple-Inspired Computer Desk Design
Fold Down, Slide Up: Simple Wall-Mounted Wood Mini-Desk
Hidden Desk: Secret Spaces in a Simple Wood Dining Table
Free Delivery?! Flat-Pack Modular ‘Pizza Box’ Furniture Kit
Secure Your Cube: Lock-and-Leave-It ‘Safe Desk’ Design
Demure Desk: Compact Corner Computer Workstation