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The Land(e)scape Desk from design student Elodie Elsenberger uses no nails, screws or glue to keep it together. It was constructed using electrical cord as the only fastener; the cord was woven through the wood pieces to not only hold the parts together, but to create unique storage and organization cubbies.

As it passes over and through the surface of the table, the electrical cord adds visual and tactile interest. The bumps on top and the cages down below suggest some type of alien landscape populated entirely with office supplies.

The particularly remarkable parts of the Land(e)scape Desk are the lamp (a bare light bulb in a cage) and the upright book/paper organizers which consist of tall loops of wire enforced with thin blocks of wood. The desk looks like a rather thin and delicate affair, but it is robust enough to hold all of the regular office debris we all seem to acquire over time.