Here is your one-stop guide to the six primary categories and their subcategories on Dornob. Every article falls under Architecture, Interiors, Furniture, Furnishings, Fixtures or More and then each article also can be found under one subcategory of those core categories.

Architecture: Features primarily residential buildings and focuses on the whole structure, its relationship to context and the ways in which it is innovative, unusual and worth a closer look.

Contemporary: New house and home designs with an emphasis on the innovation in technology and style.

Converted: Creative adaptive reuse projects that turn old buildings into brilliant better-than-new structures.

Green: Sustainable buildings that with eco-friendly technologies, renewable energy and other green innovations.

Offbeat: A catch-all category for unusual, creative and stunning design that does not fit into a typical type or established style.

Portable: Structures that are designed to move and that address the increasing mobility of contemporary society.

Prefab: Architecture from pieces manufactured ahead of time and that save on time, materials and energy as a result.

Ultramodern: Homes that blend the most cutting-edge approaches to style with an understanding of architectural history.

Urban Design: Anything that is more than a simple home in the city falls under this overarching urban category.

Interiors: Creative interior designs with an emphasis on the extraordinary, featuring whole-house designs and room-by-room modern and postmodern design layouts and ideas.

Bathrooms: Bathrooms are often anything but intriguing but there are always exceptions – such as the designs featured here.

Bedrooms: We spend a third of our lives in our bedrooms so a comfortable bedroom is a critical interior design focus.

Kitchens: A place to cook but also to converse, create and contemplate, these kitchens go beyond the ordinary.

Living & Dining: Places to eat and entertain, living and dining room designs are central to homes and house guests.

Offices & Studies: How and how well we work has a lot to do with where we work – and a good office is more than functional.

Patios & Decks: Outdoor spaces are where houses connect with the rest of the world and are also critical gathering areas.

Room-in-a-Box: These space-saving interior design solutions are ideal for small houses, condos and apartments.

Various Rooms: There are always designs that do not fit neatly into a single or conventional category – those go here.

Furniture: Everything essential to a home … but also ultimately movable – the portable stuff you take with you as you move through your life from one year (and home) to the next.

Beds: We spend so much of our lives sleeping, reading and, well, doing other things in bed that a good bed design is a must.

Benches: More than simply places to sit, benches are often at the heart of our interactions with friends and strangers alike.

Bookcases: A place to put our favorite books, with shelves for all sorts of odds and ends, bookcases come in all kinds.

Chairs: Much of our lives are spent sitting in a chair doing work or relaxing – but do not take chair design for granted.

Couches: Comfortable, cozy and sometimes very creative, couches are where we huddle together for companionship.

Desks: The centerpiece of our work stations at home or at the office, desks must be functional but also fit the individual.

Storage: You can never have too much storage – particularly the kinds of creative storage solutions featured here.

Tables: These are objects of intersection, platforms for communication where we share our meals, games and more.

Transforming: Some of the best furniture saves space and encourages interaction by serving more than one function.

Furnishings: Everything extra for your home – odds and ends smaller than your standard furniture including interior design accessories and decorative additions to everyday rooms.

Decorative: This is the catch-all furnishings category for all the little odds and ends you use to decorate your house.

Kitchenware: Everything that fits in the kitchen to make your life easier and potentially more interesting as well.

Lamps & Lights: Free-standing lamps and lights you can move from place to place to illuminate all aspects of life.

Rugs & Mats: Built-in and area rugs and mats that add texture, color and character to your favorite interior spaces.

Sheets & Cushions: The plush side of home life – creative and movable bed, couch and other cushions and sheets.

Tableware: Anything to make your eating and drinking experiences more interesting, enjoyable and unusual.

Fixtures: Everything built in or nailed down – these are those sturdy things you use to add permanent personal (and maybe monetary) value to your house or home.

Appliances: Anything from kitchen stoves to washing and drying machines that can be made more engaging through design.

Baths & Showers: Offbeat and creative shower heads, bathtub faucets and the vessels and boxes they serve inside and out.

Hardware: Extra elements such as door knobs, hinges and other odds and ends that are subtle but make a big design difference.

Lighting & Fans: These are functional elements that most people take for granted but that can often be optimized.

Sinks & Basins: Places where we stop to contemplate, look in the mirror and cleanse ourselves day in and day out.

Stairs & Cases: More than merely a means of conveyance from one floor to the next, these staircases are something else.

Tiles & Surfaces: The surfaces we work on, the tiles we touch, those core tactile elements that surround us in our homes.

More: Everything that doesn’t fit neatly into a category above, “more” covers all those other things that no design lover can pass up even if they are most interested in the built environment.

Art of Design: These are arguably art projects that bleed and blend into the art of design, becoming more than just aesthetic.

Do-It-Yourself: For handy types who wish to try their luck at creating their own unusually creative fixes and furniture.

Fashion & Style: The things we carry with us, pull over us and put on us but that are more than merely ordinary clothes.

Gadgets & Tech: Creative designs for the geek who loves technology and wants something more out of everyday electronics.

Installation Art: The art of space-making for more conceptual purposes, these installations are as much architecture as artwork.

New Materials: Featuring new materials that may change the palette we use to construct even the most established of spaces.

Odds & Ends: The ultimate catch-all subcategory within the catch-all category, odds and ends are where everything else goes.

Photography: This somewhat surprising section focuses primarily on photography that represents places and spaces.

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