cardboard delivery box idea

It’s not delivery, it’s a … desk?! Now you can order a piece of furniture just like a pizza – packed flat in a portable box with all of your favorite fixings – and have it arrive straight to your apartment (or dorm room) door. Eat your heart out, IKEA.

cardboard modular flat pack desk

Buy a kit, get free delivery – what furniture fan would not want the same convenience they are accustomed to with fast food? Composed of recycled cardboard pieces, the five slotted board modules that come in this kit have a pre-planned configuration for a simple work desk with side shelving and cabinets. However, designer Pedro Gomes fashioned them such that they interlocked in other ways as well.

cardboard flat pack desk angles assembly

Desk spaces, storage compartments, doors, drawers and even built-in lighting are all options, but users might find more than even the designer pictured when he first conceived of this multi-functional furniture concept.

cardboard DIY box idea

The desk can be the centerpiece, corner piece or end piece of a long single-unit system that stretches through and/or around a whole room. The black-and-orange ‘hazard sign’ pattern suggests a forever-unfinished work – a project always in the process of ongoing do-it-yourself construction.

cardboard furniture with desk light

While one unit may suffice, the idea is ‘meta-modular’ as well – add more ‘pizza box’ part kits into the mix and you can extend your work surface, storage solution and so forth through additional pieces that snake through any interior space layout. OK, to be fair, this furniture set does not actually exist, but wouldn’t it be nice?

From Ippinka:

“Internationally published in 2009, the COMPACT furniture by Pedro Games remains a unique, playful design with an easy yet fun assembly method. Made from 100 per cent recycled polypropylene, this cardboard furniture is extremely durable and eco-friendly. Produced from recycled materials, this sustainable product can be completely recycled. COMPACT is packaged as five flat board pieces, making it a compressed and portable furniture piece for easy transportation when you need to move it around. Plus, its disassembled form lets you save storage space for when you put it away too.”