Sometimes you just need a flat surface to work on, but sometimes, it would be nice to have a self-healing cutting mat surface, storage for writing implements, space for gadgets and a drafting table-style incline. The Homework Desk by designer Robin Grasby gives you all of the above, so you have complete control over the functionality of your workspace.

From storage to accessories, the modular Homework Desk is totally customizable. Start with two trestle legs and add felt slings, a birch drawer and a base surface.

Then choose from a flat, smooth Formica laminate surface in a variety of colors and finishes, a dry-wipe magnet board or a self-healing cutting mat in full or half widths. These pieces fit together like a puzzle so you can organize them just right for your needs.

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There’s also a book rack and various inserts including pen holders, phone chargers and vertical filing. A built-in beech laser-etched rule makes it easy to measure things right on your work surface. The modular design leaves it up to you to decide exactly how basic or complex you want your workspace to be.