razy2 hidden desk wood table sliding top

Ordinary wooden dining table? Nope. This design is actually a hidden desk, though you can’t tell at a glance. This straight-planed, wood-framed table looks like the ultimate in ordinary, bland and basic home furniture, nothing but a top and some legs. Beneath its deceptively simple surface, however, are a set of secret storage spaces – niches with particular purposes covered by sliding panels. A few quick moves transform this from a symmetrical dinner table design to a handy home office workspace.

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razy2 hidden desk wood table flat surface
razy2 hidden desk wood table

Flush slots are visible only upon close inspection – the top looks undifferentiated from a distance and the structural trim below the surface is standard (and thus not suspicious at first glance either). Flat panel pieces can be pushed and pulled to one side, revealing small drawers as well as other custom-fit functions. This is really the core appeal of this space-saving hidden desk storage: it’s there when you need it, but creates no visual clutter nor open niches that will just collect dust (a common pitfall of furniture with built-in storage nooks embedded in a surface.)

razy2 hidden desk wood table secret compartments

Great for a studio or bachelor (or bachelorette) pad, there are slots for pens, papers, even a hidden USB hub, all done in plastic that contrasts with the wood grain above. Razy2 – the designer duo that created this dual-function furniture object – have a background that blends elements of engineering, industrial and interior design, much like this hybrid collaborative project itself does.

razy2 hidden desk wood table storage nooks

Via Core77:

Razy2 is a Gdansk, Poland-based design duo comprised of architect Paulina Krauza and designer Jacek Ryn, both of them still students. And their TAB home/office table is coming apart at the seams: The ash wood top slides open to reveal a number of compartments that can hold cutlery and/or office supplies, making it an office desk for one or a dining table for six.”