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To say ‘Milk‘ was styled for Apple users might be an understatement. Streamlined like a Mac and with equal emphasis on sleek form and minimalist functionality, this computer desk might not stand the test of time (e.g. when the world truly goes wireless) but as a contemporary of-the-moment work surface it seems superbly streamlined to its purpose – whether or not you share its goals.

The relatively-flat chrome (or optionally: aluminium) foot looks great in the images, but does it sit flush enough to the floor (and far enough back) so that your rolling chair will not constantly bump into the edge? As a confessed PC user, the fundamental question to me is: does the focus on style go too far, and some functionality get sacrificed in the process? After all, this is where you may spend as much as eight hours a day – if it is going to be a one-size-fits-all approach, it had better work how you want it to.