wood desk detail

Its designer no doubt wants to impress you with the various features and accessories available along with this desk, but first: step back for a moment and admire its detailing instead.

wood simple desk cut

Wiktoria Lenart used a recognizable set of table saw cuts to create functional grooves running parallel to each edge, but these in themselves are somehow also pleasing to the eye, their usage aside, and seem to fit the unfinished look of the piece.

wood desk in use

In a similar fashion, by using dimensional lumber there is a tie-in to wood in its semi-raw form usually found hidden behind the walls of buildings, or relegated to planks on an exterior deck left to weather in the elements.

wood desk white accessories

But to be fair, Lenart has a larger purpose in mind: this rawness is meant as a backdrop for clipping, hanging and otherwise attaching elements that will enhance the usability and appearance of the desk on demand, from side panel shelves to hanging flower pots.

wood simple desk inspiration

WORKNEST office furniture design by Wiktoria Lenart from Wiktoria Lenart on Vimeo.

She also shows off images of her inspiration, which while not always obviously relevant, are certainly engaging and perhaps of an aesthetic spirit with the finished product. That said, the reader will have forgive this author for still thinking the desk as an object in itself is the best part of this project.