Reception desk boys and girls

Work stations are notoriously, well, businesslike – and some probably should be. But surely some can be a bit more interesting, providing a little entertainment while you wait, right? That is the idea behind this creative reception desk by Boys and Girls (images by Liam Murphy), held up by giant-sized Jenga pieces on the one side and apparently suspended from a cluster of colorful balloons on the other.

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Reception Desk held up by balloons

Surprise – that’s what you think. Those balloons aren’t actually filled with air, they just look like they are. All part of the fun for this group of designers, who like to think outside the box.

Reception desk balloons and blocks
Reception desk Jenga blocks

Once the agency had a LEGO boardroom table (featured in the video below), they found the bar was set too high to stick with a simple reception-area desk. Thus, “Plans were drawn, crayons sharpened and collaborators consulted to come up with a reception desk that would put ‘small and routine’ in its place for once and for all. This is the result of months of planning and some fairly heavy scientific research.”

About Boys+Girls

“Once upon a time, some girls+boys had a vision that became Boys+Girls. So here they are gazing pensively into the middle distance, presumably envisioning a brighter future for us all… Collaboration is at the heart of everything we do, and we’ve been lucky enough to work with some amazing partners in our time. However crazy our ideas might sound, they heard us out, and bought into them 100%.”

“Our work isn’t boring, so why should we be? Based in an old primary school, every day is a school day in Boys+Girls. And not just for those sneak a smoke behind the bike sheds. We have all the ad agency clichés, a slide, a table-tennis table, lunch-time Pilates, even a fire man’s pole. Too much? Too late, it’s already there. Why not subscribe to one of our social media channels, we swear we’re a good follow.”