For all of the indignities that public transportation seems to cause, there are still plenty of people out there who feel a certain affection toward the vehicles that move us around every day. This incredible home office must belong to one of those people, because it’s made from the front end of a real Ikarus bus.

The old Ikarus is in a home in Hungary, which is fitting since Ikarus is a Hungarian company. When the project began the bus was old, rusted and quite neglected. A few coats of paint, some loving restorations – and the removal of all but one small corner – and the bus was ready to become a distinctive home office.

Because the bus’s front is enclosed other than the door, this sturdy office is almost like a separate room within a room. There is only enough space inside for a desk and a chair and perhaps a few little odds and ends. Its working headlights and painstakingly restored exterior make this a truly unique and memorable project.