Walking into someone’s office, the first thing that often strikes us is that person’s choice of furniture. A run-of-the-mill desk just won’t do for someone who is seen as a powerful, thoughtful and design-minded individual. The Goggle Desk from Italian furniture manufacturer Babini is exactly what that individual needs.

The imposing bulk of the Goggle Desk, designed by Danny Venlet, is offset by its gentle and continuous curves. It is meant to be a statement piece for “future oriented managers and executives.”

Full of elegance and grace, the Goggle comes in nearly any finish combination you desire between matte, glossy and contrasting colors on the inside and out.

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Optional modesty panels, drawers and doors allow for further customization. Though no matter how it is painted, finished or accessorized, the Goggle Desk is one that can not possibly fail to evoke a positive reaction in lovers of chic office design.