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Few spaces need as much flexibility as offices, where scaling is crucial and change is frequent. Thus future-thinking creations like the BEEBOX, an all-in-one system for turning empty rooms into instant work areas.

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beebox mobile office white closed

Fold it open to reveal a desk and cupboards for storage, but also acoustic panels to help keep the noise down from your office neighbors. Plug it in at a single point to supply electricity for your devices and for the built-in lights – no further integration or interface needed to make this mobile office pod fit anywhere.

beebox mobile office open pink

And if security is an issue, with various pods of workers in the same warehouse, for instance, they can be closed and locked as easily as they are opened and deployed at the end and beginning of each day.

beebox mobile office setup

“Beebox Mobile Office reimagines and redesigns the workplace. We do that as affordable, accessible and innovative as we can with a hart and mind for self-care, work environment, safety, independence and comfort. It can be an uncomfortable and uneasy experience dealing with workplaces that discourage people from mixing work with the other moments of their daily work and lives. Instead of letting work aspects rule your everyday life, we want to fuse them altogether with a new kind of work experience.”

beebox mobile office open construction

“We designed the Beebox Mobile Office for Growth, privacy, mobility, safety, change, plug and play, all in one, space saving, personalisation of the workspace, comfort and beauty. Beebox Mobile Office is Dutch Design from Amsterdam and also made in the Netherlands. Beebox Mobile Office has been designed by Bart de Groot and Christoph Veen.”