Perfectly Engineered Ice Cream Scoop is a Dairy Dream
Aluminum Honeycomb Table is Astoundingly Strong + Light
Central Courtyards Connect Historic + Contemporary Design
Forget Multi-Tasking: Spectacularly Specialized Utensils
Rolling Lounge Chair Is Like an Upholstered Wheelbarrow
Enchanting Fairytale Home Built Over the Course of 26 Years
Minimalist iPad Stand Props Screen at 3 Different Angles
Salt House: Sustainable, Semi-Transparent 3D-Printed Structure
Time Killer: The Clock That Tries to Saw Itself to Death
Leaning House: Dynamic Diagonal Focuses Views on Horizon
Swing Time: Glowing Swings in a Grown-Up Playground
Clearly Superior Design: Train Station Is All Glass Doors
Shadow + Light: Intricately Patterned Handcrafted Wood Bench
Working (It) From Home: Stylish, Sustainable Home Office
Crazy and Colorful: Lego-Wrapped IKEA Kitchen Table
Peaceful Playhouse: Ethereal, Noise-Free Elevated Treehouse