Dress Me Up Chair

Fashion and furniture design intersect with a chair cushion that unzips from the frame to turn into a wearable clothing item. The ‘Dress Me Up Chair’ by Magda Pawlas is a simple steel wireframe seat covered in a water-resistant quilted pad that can be adapted in various ways or removed altogether to make the sitter more comfortable.

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Chair with built in coat
Dress Me Up Chair frame
Dress Me Up chair detail pocket

When it’s placed on the chair, the sides wrapped around the arms, it looks like any other chair pad. But the arm sections can be zipped up around the user while seated for added warmth, or claimed as part of the sitter’s ensemble.

Person sitting in the chair
View of chair from above

“Dress me up this is the project seat outside. This project presents the effect of the observation of two worlds : clothes and furniture. This project connects these two worlds and solves the problem of cold evenings. The end result is a chair and a vest. Combined excellently comply their functions. Setting caused around the seat is comfortable, warm, friendly space that you can adjust by their needs.”

Magda Pawlas has since founded the designs studio PAVLAS

“Pavlas is a Warsaw-based fashion brand and product with a new interpretation of classical forms, it answers the needs of modern and conscious women. Characterised by minimal style and modern technological solutions, Pavlas designs are new interpretations of classic silhouettes. The collections are created for those who expect more — it offers great quality, feminine style and uncompromising comfort. The collections are created with no regard for the traditional fashion calendar. The brand does not follow short-lived trends nor styles, it rather reinterprets the timeless, classical forms and offers simple, beautiful, comfortable designs with a modern twist.”

The project aims to find common ground between the design of clothes and furniture, bringing them together in one item that can meet a variety of needs. Wearable furniture has become something of an intriguing, albeit odd, trend lately – check out a wearable chair that transforms from a harness to a seat when you need it, and a coat that’s essentially a wearable homeless shelter.