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In southeastern Slovenia, a small region known as Bela Krajina or White Carniola sits among birch forests, karst hills, and sprawling vineyards. It is in this picturesque setting that architects 3biro set about building this home, a blend of traditional and contemporary Slovenian design.



The building site was large and flat, and the client wished to constrain the building to a single story. The architects employed an architectural style traditional to the area: a series of chambers arranged around a central courtyard.



The largest connection area is at the entryway, where a span of timber and glazing reflects both the traditional and the contemporary.



Across an open courtyard from the home’s main entrance, and closest to the street, is a covered parking area for up to three vehicles.



Three wings of the home arranged around that main courtyard contain bedrooms to the north, leisure rooms to the east, and an open living area to the west. Here the house opens onto another courtyard containing a pool. From this vantage point you can see an orchard in the distance, always connecting this modern home to the area’s history.