ultra lightweight strong honeycomb aluminum table

When working with metal, designers usually have a difficult choice to make: the product can be lightweight or it can be strong. The Blade table from Alexander Purcell Rodrigues uses Mykon‘s aluminum honeycomb technology is an innovative product that manages to incorporate a lot of strength into a very thin table.

honeycomb aluminum ultra thin table

mykon honeycomb aluminum lightweight table

The honeycomb technology allows for an exceptionally high strength to weight ratio. As a result, the tabletop can be larger than you would expect without the need for central bracing.

stainless steel blade table

blade table

Without the need for bracing,┬áthe Blade table’s design is very simple and streamlined. The tabletop is 82 inches long and just .43 inches thick, but it is remarkably strong.

floating leg blade table

super thin blade table

The table is simply four legs and a tabletop that looks like it is floating slightly above the legs. Currently, the table is available in a polished aluminum finish only, but it will eventually be produced with stylish wood or lacquered tops.