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If you’ve ever gone to a music festival and spent a night (or three) camped out on the cold or muddy ground in your sleeping bag, then congratulations – you’ve done something you’ll probably remember for the rest of your life. But your next festival experience could be a little more comfortable if the B-And-Bee concept takes flight.

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Belgian design group Achilles Design wants to provide a little comfort and privacy to concert-goers with a unique stacked beehive-shaped sleeping array. Each pod contains a king size bed, storage space, a light, and a power supply – everything you need to enjoy the festival without ever really having to “rough it.”

B-and-bee unit

There are inherent problems in stacking sleeping pods atop one another. If you’re annoyed by the noisy upstairs neighbors in your apartment building, just think of how annoying the people upstairs in the B-And-Bee are going to seem. Even so, it will probably be for a few nights at most, and if you’re determined to see the festival you’ll make the sleeping arrangements work somehow.

b-and-bee under construction

The system provides the festival venue with a clear benefit, as well: it has a very small physical footprint and the pods are easily transported, assembled, and removed. This means that the festival grounds can accommodate more stay-over guests than they could if everyone brought their own tent.

The B-And-Bee array is undeniably eye-catching, particularly with the cleverly-placed metal stairs that provide access to the upper bunks. Without climate control and with that many bodies in one modular building the place might get a little funky after a couple of days, but isn’t that part of the fun experience? Achilles Design is testing out their system to see just how viable it will be as an alternative to tents at music festivals.

“A festival, event, camp, work placement, off camping, partying with distant friends, … Wherever it happens to be you can now enjoy sleeping in comfort. And a delightful difference! The practical, sturdy and comfortable bed units from B-and-Bee make it a quick and simple task to conjure up some comfortable accommodation.”

“For just a day or permanently? One bed or an entire ‘bee hotel’? There is always the perfect B-and-Bee to suit your needs. This 100% Belgian product can be installed anywhere and is really comfortable.”