For many people, camping conjures memories of feeling safe, secure and happy. University of the Arts graduate Stephanie Hornig brings those feelings flooding back with Camp, a daybed that is at once a couch and a sleeping bag.

Rather than folding out a sleeper sofa to take a snooze, Camp lets you simply unzip the long zipper and slip inside. The sleeping bag wraps you in a warm embrace and brings to mind the fun nights at camp or sleeping under the stars.

The removable sleeping bag cover has a padded interior to keep you comfy as you camp out in your own home. According to Hornig, she undertook this particular project because her own modern urban nomad lifestyle reminded her of camping.

The concept is not only a novel combination of familiar objects, but also serves to keep the living room looking uncluttered. Instead of keeping a blanket folded up on the back or arm of the sofa for naps, the sofa itself unzips to reveal a soft, cozy, inviting place to sleep.