bruno bear sleeping bag
There aren’t many people who would be willing to put themselves inside the hungry jaws of a bear, but designer Eiko Ishizawa wants you to do just that. The designer’s Great Sleeping Bear Bag lets you unzip the “body” and climb inside for a comfy evening of restful – if somewhat bizarre – sleep.
sleeping bear bag
The sleeping bag was inspired by the story of a brown bear called Bruno who wandered from the Italian Alps all the way to Germany – the first brown bear to do so in some 170 years. Not being the friendliest chap in the world, though, Bruno amused himself by dining on livestock…and a few people. The government decided to put him down in 2006, much to the dismay of animal lovers.
bear sleeping bag

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Ishizawa decided to pay homage to Bruno by creating a sleeping bear that would allow people to feel the warm comfort of being inside of a bear without the unpleasant chewing part. Each sleeping bag is custom made to order, and the designer encourages owners of the sleeping bag to send in pictures of them using the bags so that Bruno can travel all around the world without the fear of extermination.