House K Yuji Kimura design

Is it possible to have a private sanctuary in a home that happens to sit in the middle of a very crowded city? Japanese studio Yuji Kimura Design created such a space for a client in Tokyo by concealing the home’s private terrace behind a large slatted wood and translucent panel wall.

House K Yuji Kimura design blank facade
House K Yuji Kimura design entry

House K is a modern/industrial style home in a busy neighborhood. The family wanted a private, sheltered outdoor deck space, which is easier said than done in such a populous area of Tokyo.

House K Yuji Kimura design interior

Three of the exterior sides appear to be blank white walls with a few windows scattered here and there. The fourth facade features a surprisingly cheerful wooden privacy wall. The wooden slats begin at the ground level entrance and continue up over the second-floor deck to provide a secluded outdoor relaxation spot.

House K Yuji Kimura design kitchen

The home is an elongated box meant to shield the users from the unusually busy street just outside. Because the surrounding homes are very close, Yuji Kimura Design took great care to create a feeling of tranquil seclusion. The home’s line of sight from the street is obscured by the panels which allow plenty of natural light to shine through to the entrance and terrace.

Inside, the bedrooms – along with several large windows – are located on the south side of the house to bring in lots of sunlight. The sleek, open staircase just inside the front door divides the living, dining and kitchen areas but takes up virtually no visual space. The result is a home that is closed and private from the outside, but open, warm and inviting inside.

House K Yuji Kimura design at dusk

“It is a house of the white appearance of a large wall blocking the front, the thinness of the component was emphasized. The site is located in the place with comparatively much traffic surrounded by the residence both sides and right behind. Since the owner request was a residence with the deck space which can settle down, it was considered as a plan to make a big wall blocking the line of sight on the road side front, mounted a box extending elongated in the east-west direction.”

“The bedrooms were arranged to a building on the south, the large windows were centralized on the south side, sunny was taken in, the front wall and the building were connected in one by the louver for the bandage, and between was made into the deck and a balcony. On the contrary, the north side was constituted from slit windows in the form which shifts its eyes, and arranges the place equipped with a water supply and the kitchen. The entrance hall is storage of whole surface large scale by the owner’s request.”