Eastside Bench

Handcrafted furniture has a personality all its own, and this gorgeous bench from Jason Frederick Fierst of Fierst Design is overflowing with personality.

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Eastside Bench shadows

The Eastside Bench is made of solid American walnut. The surface of the bench is comprised of angular pieces of wood which fit together in an intricate design.

Eastside Bench profile

When light shines through the bench from above, the patterns in the wood make a fantastically lovely shadow on the floor. It’s a great example of how, sometimes, the negative space in a design is just as important as the design itself. The spaces left open create a visual interest that extends beyond the item itself, making an imprint on its surroundings.

Detail handcrafted bench

The Eastside Bench was constructed using no hardware at all, making it not only a truly beautiful piece of furniture, but a feat of craftsmanship as well. Fine quality joinery really elevates wooden objects to durable works of art.

Designer Jason Frederick Fierst extends this same careful attention to detail to his other projects, as well, including the beautiful Division & Order table pictured below.

Division and order table

“The Division + Order Coffee Table Has A Design Language Of Refined Graphic Order Allowing For Moments Of Consideration And Contemplation.  Handcrafted In Ebonized American Black Walnut With ¾” Slate, It Provides Multiple Surface Areas To Allow For The Organization Of Objects. Whether A Cup Of Coffee Or Your Favorite Book, It Engages The User To Be Mindfulness With The Interaction. There Is Just Enough Shadowplay With The Materials For A Harmonious Balance Between Austerity And Adornment. “

“Fierst Design is a small design studio in the Driftless Region of WI. Jason Frederick Fierst, principal designer was born on Detroit’s Eastside.  Formal training started early to include the Pre-College Program at the College of Creative Studies in the Detroit Cultural Center.  He then went on to receive his Bachelor of Fine Arts in sculpture at Eastern Michigan University. “

“Currently he is completing the publication of his thesis Division + Order, for the Master of Fine Art in Furniture Design at the Rochester Institute of Technology. Structural and surface ornamentation brings a refined sense of order to the spatial environment while walking the line between austerity and adornment.”