frisbeer beer carrier and flying disc

Most product packaging is meant to be used once and then thrown away or recycled. It seems a pity to let still-usable materials go to waste, and designer Simon Kern agrees. He created Frisbeer as a way to carry beers for yourself and a couple of friends (or three beers just for you if it’s that kind of day) – then when it has served its first purpose, it turns into a fun toy.

frisbeer flying disc beer carrier

As can be inferred from its name, Frisbeer is a disc-shaped object that’s made to fly. It can hold up to three beers at a time and comes with three finger holes in the center for transporting your drinks from one place to another. Once your beers are removed, the holes in the cardboard disc help it easily sail through the air.

cardboard flying disc beer carrier

The game Frisbeer is kind of like a weird cross between Ultimate Frisbee and Beer Pong. It involves sailing the cardboard disc through the air toward goalposts and either hitting or not hitting them. Simon Kern’s inventive carrying case is a student project and not an actual product, but it could be the best thing to hit music festivals one day.