Tiny House Hot Tub 1

If you think you have to give up luxuries to live in a tiny house, you’re (mostly) right – unless you happen to purchase a tiny mobile house with its very own built-in hot tub on the back deck. For Tiny Wood Homes in Warwickshire, England, the combo was a natural, since the company builds both compact custom abodes and wooden hot tubs.

Tiny House Hot Tub 2

Tiny House Hot Tub 3

The inhabitants of this miniature cabin on wheels can step from their cozy living space directly to the luxurious soaking tub, which is heated by a gas central heating boiler. The company also sells wood-fired hot tubs.

Tiny House Hot Tub 4

Currently available only in England, this little house features a double bed loft, seating that unfolds into an extra bed, a kitchen and a fully-plumbed bathroom with shower. The double-height ceiling makes the home feel spacious despite its dimensions.

Tiny House Hot Tub 5

Small enough to fit on a standard trailer and hauled around by truck, the house sells for about £35,000 ($57,000 USD) and can be fully customized. It’s also available in an off-grid version with a water tank, solar power and composting toilet.