Rain Shelter House

Three generations of a family live together under one big roof while maintaining privacy within individual house-shaped units in an arrangement resembling a miniature village. At Rain Shelter House by Y+M, each of the five family members gets their own ‘block’, with access to the central communal living space and the two blocks containing the bathroom, kitchen and dining area.

Village style housing concept Residents interacting

View of inner courtyard

The roof extends from the peak of the tallest two-story block all the way to the ground on two sides, open to the air on the remaining ends. Under-floor heating keeps the courtyard warm, while a fan with a thermal sensor cools it off in summer. Narrow strips of glazing built into the corrugated roof act as skylights, letting daylight stream into the communal area.

Courtyard from outside Inside the Village House 

The archetypal house shape makes each individual space feel cozy and welcoming, yet separate from the private spaces of the other family members. Operable openings on the top floors and large windows on the bottom provide a sense of connection to the rest of the household and enhance the feeling of each unit being its own little home.

Rain Shelter House interior

“We designed the gabled folded-plate big roof which reaches ground at its one side on each ‘divided house.’ The roof keeps off rain throughout the year, chill northwest wind and snow in winter and strong afternoon sunlight in summer. And the roof can keep the client’s privacy from neighbor houses.”

“In winter the roof can bring in direct daylight due to low solar altitude and accumulate the heat into mortar floor. Floor heating system is only used at night time as an auxiliary use. In sort, we provide the comfortable housing space with less and less electrical facilities.”

“We designed that the roof wrap around the ‘divided houses.’ It gives that the client family feels their own bond. And the people come and go between each “divided house” which is private space and the living room like outside which is opened share space for the family.”