Coffee Alarm Clock: Wake Up to the Smell of Bedside Brew
Cook Anywhere: Plug-and-Play Modular Induction Cooker
Piston-Powered Caffeine: Espresso at the Pull of a Lever
Portable Aluminum Radiator Follows You Around Like a Pet
Smart Cooking Concept Blows the Crock Pot Off the Counter
Be Cool: Terra Cotta Pot Cools the Air Using Only Water
Rolling Mop Ball Cleans Floors and Terrifies the Family Pet
Minimalist Coffee: Elegant Single-Serving Brewing Device
Rev Up: This V12 Engine Will Fuel You With Espresso
Stop Chopping Logs: Cylindrical Stove Burns Whole Trees
Gesture-Sensing Toilet is the Sanitary Fixture of the Future
Odd Dummy-Like Machine is a Magical Shirt Ironing Robot
Altered Appliances: Bake Your Own Edible Dishware
Water-Saving Appliance is a Shower and Washer in One
Serial Toast Printer Pops Out Up to Six Slices in a Row
Artful Wall Appliances for Warm Rooms and Cool Decor