We all need a little help now and then, and that may never be more true than it is when it comes to preparing meals. Now, a new all-in-one product by CookingPal called Julia could be the kitchen assistant you’ve been dreaming of. While she can’t offer life advice, she’s a true partner in all things related to cooking, including teaching you new techniques, cooking a variety of different ways, and even helping to clean up when dinner’s over.

The AI-powered

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Julia has multiple features that are sure to come in handy during the prep and cooking phases of your favorite meals. She can weigh your food for accuracy with a built-in scale and measuring cup. Then you can tap into the chopping feature, which will save you the mess of a separate cutting board and knife. If chopping’s not cutting it, Julia can also grind or blend your ingredients.

Once the food is all inside her three-liter stainless steel bowl, just ask Julia to knead, boil, steam, or grill it for you. You choose the settings, she does the cooking. That includes whisking or emulsifying as necessary, too, although some tasks do require additional accessories. But even with those components, Julia is still compact enough to keep readily available on the counter, so you won’t ever have to worry about finding enough cupboard space for her.

The AI-powered

She’s undeniably handy at doing her share of the cooking, but Julia can also make you a better cook by providing step-by-step instructions for you to follow. On top of that, she comes with a separate tablet screen that allows you to control the cooking unit, find and adapt recipes, give voice commands, and monitor your meal through a central hub.

Never cooked okra before? Just ask Julia for recipes. Not sure what to have for dinner? Julia is your go-to girl. Listen from the two speakers as she guides you through the required steps and you watch on the screen, which itself can be angled for easy viewing with a built-in table stand. You can also use the camera to take Instagram-worthy pictures as you cook.

The CookingPal Julia's accompanying tablet screen/control hub.

Julia even makes it easy to monitor dinner while you work in the garden or wash the car. From anywhere in the house, you can use the hub or remote control to check the temperature of meat or see how long until dinner is ready.

CookingPal knows that sometimes figuring out what’s for dinner is the biggest challenge of the process, so Julia is even equipped with AI technology to come up with a meal plan for you — simply provide access to the ingredients you have on hand, taking a picture with the hub camera and allowing Julia to use food-recognition software to recommend meal options based on those ingredients. When you run low on ingredients, you can use her integrated online shopping and delivery feature.


Julia is packed with hundreds of recipes for every occasion, from hard-boiled eggs to something with a fancy French flair. She’ll meet you where you’re at skillwise with options for easy, basic, or advanced recipes.