Although their newest line of AI and automated home appliances won’t be available for purchase until June 2020, Samsung was eager to introduce their latest collection at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas.

Samsung's colorful, customizable BESPOKE refrigerator fits nicely with any decor.

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While their newest innovations include two ground-breaking refrigerator models, a revolutionary induction stove, a stackable cube cooling system for multiple rooms in your house, and an incredible shoe storage system, the real star of Samsung’s newest line this year was the futuristic Family Hub.

Family Relations Made Easy

John Herrington, Senior Vice President and General Manager of Home Appliances for Samsung Electronics America, was brimming with pride and enthusiasm as he introduced the 2020 Family Hub to the CES crowd. “In the five years since we launched Family Hub, we have introduced innovations that reflect the new ways that busy, modern families are managing their daily lives,” he said. “The latest Family Hub is the most innovative yet, with more personalized, intelligent features that enable busy families to stay better connected to one another.”

Inside Samsung's ultra-versatile Family Hub Refrigerator.

Indeed, the 2020 Family Hub not only simplifies meal planning and grocery shopping, it also includes communication features that enable family members to share events, interests, and milestones from remote locations. No one misses a thing, regardless of whether they’re out of town or just stuck in traffic and unable to be home in time for dinner.

The Family Hub Refrigerator

Samsung's Smart New Family Hub refrigerator.

AI-improved cameras inside this smart refrigerator scan what you have on hand, plan meals around those ingredients, and provide smart recipes based on a set of dietary guidelines you customize. It can plan meals for up to a week and prepare a shopping list of food items you need to replenish. In addition, Whisk, an AI invention recently attained by Samsung NEXT, adjusts recipes based on how many people are on your guest list, compiling a shopping list with items that can be used in multiple recipes.

Family Affairs

Besides making meal planning and shopping easier than ever, Samsung’s new “Family Board” display allows every member of the family to share audio and video favorites from their personal devices on a virtual bulletin board.

Safety and security are huge concerns for most families, and Family Board also lets any family member observe and have power over more than 1,000 SmartThings-compatible products throughout the house. Inside and outside lights can be turned on or off, the inside of any room in the house can be monitored, and you can even remotely adjust the temperature of any room.

More Life-Enhancing Appliances

Samsung's miniature Cube Refrigerators are perfect for storing bear, wine, and beauty products.

Samsung continued to wow at CES with more a couple more home systems that make life better and easier. The BESPOKE refrigerator is not only customizable to meet your practical needs and aesthetic tastes, it also boasts a “Flex Zone,” which is easily adaptable to chill or freeze, depending on your needs. The unique new Cube Refrigerator series includes three mini-refrigerators in multiple colors made to store Wine, Beer, and Beauty Products. They can be stacked or stowed anywhere in any room and are so quiet you can have one next to your bed with no sleep interruption.

The Portable Slim Double Induction system lets you prepare meals anywhere in the house. The two induction burners have nine different settings and can be used separately for smaller pots or as one large cooking surface for grills or oversized pans.

Samsung's new Portable Slim Double Induction Stove allows you to prepare meals anywhere in your home.

Samsung’s Shoe Care System pampers those pricey shoes of yours so they last longer, feel fresh, and always look brand new. It also deodorizes, dehumidifies, and dries whatever types of shoes the members of your family might wear.