Traditional wood-fired pizza ovens produce some of the best pies on the planet, but for most of us, they aren’t exactly practical to have at home. Even contemporary portable versions tend to be bulky, and best used for a single (but magnificent) purpose: baking pizzas. If you’ve been looking for an excuse to buy one anyway, the Noori offers a few more convincing arguments.

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Three different setups for the chic Noori multipurpose grill

First and foremost, this Brazilian-made oven is highly compact and easy to move around, taking up less space than a conventional charcoal grill. It features a bullet-shaped body made of heat-resistant refectory concrete, with an L-shaped enameled pipe burning small-diameter wood at its base and directing the heat up toward the grill.

Second, it’s quite nice to look at. The design is almost sculptural, so you won’t mind keeping it in a highly visible place on your patio, even if you have very limited outdoor space. A tripod with wheels acts as the support for a clean, modern effect.

But even more importantly, the Noori packs four useful functions into one product. It’s a pizza oven, BBQ grill, fire pit, and rocket stove all at once, and shifting from one function to another takes just a few seconds. Its design is based on that of a standard rocket stove, which requires minimal fuel for ultra-efficient heat output.

All the parts that make up the Noori multipurpose grill

The company website reads: “Noori is an equipment that mixes crafts and industrial techniques of production. For this reason, each piece is unique and has its own characteristics. Through the serial number, we record all information of the product and the owner, allowing [for] personal assistance and necessary support. Noori’s focus is its constant durability and refinement.”

“Noori’s Pizza Disc allows you to prepare pizzas in a few minutes. It can also can be used to prepare breads, or to support roasters and containers suitable for ovens. The Noori disc was designed after several tests with refractory stones available on the market that did not resist. For this reason, its use is indispensable to ensure this feature.”

The Noori Pizza Disc

They add: “The upper half-moon grill was specially designed by our team, with ideal permeability for cooking. [Combine it with the main grill to create a] second floor. Simply attach the kit to the holes, and [you’ll] have a larger surface for food. The lower ‘orbital’ grill was specially designed by our team and has two functions: to centralize the tube of the Rocket system in the refractory body, and to support the coal on the BBQ feature when capped.”

Wood is suggested as the best fuel when using the Noori as a rocket stove, but you can always switch to charcoal if you’d prefer to grill. To use it as a pizza oven, you add the special “pizza disc” and put on the lid. The temperature you achieve depends on how much wood you use, and can get as hot as 750 degrees Fahrenheit. To use it as a fire pit, you take off the central element and put the grill directly on the lower section for optimal enjoyment of the flames (and, of course, marshmallow roasting).

The wheels at the bottom of the Noori grill

The Noori is now available for international shipment, with prices starting at $3,200.