There are lots of great reasons to grow your own food: eating the freshest possible fruits and vegetables, controlling the conditions in which they’re grown, and enjoying the satisfaction of consuming something you grew yourself. But many of us just don’t have access to sufficient gardening space, and keeping plants happy indoors can be difficult.

The new LG Column Garden, which allows even the least experienced gardeners to grow fresh produce inside their homes.

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But what if plucking your own fresh food from the soil were as easy as opening the door of an appliance in your kitchen? That’s what LG Electronics aims to offer with its new indoor vegetable cultivator, set to be unveiled at CES 2020. The “Column Garden” is a slim cabinet-style appliance that can be used alone or in multiples, designed to be built right into your kitchen alongside your refrigerator.

Equipped with a host of smart functions, the Column Garden eliminates a lot of the guesswork that often comes with indoor gardening, making sure that all the plants inside have just the right light, temperature, and water levels to thrive. You don’t have to have a particularly green thumb, or even a love of gardening, to use it. In fact, you barely even have to get your hands dirty.

The appliance replicates optimal outdoor growing conditions by matching the temperature inside the cabinet with the time of day, automatically manipulating the system’s LED lights, air circulation, and wick-based water management. The Column Garden also comes with 24 all-in-one seed packages, which LG says is enough for a family of four “to enjoy the healthful benefits and culinary delights of a wide range of home-grown edibles.”

Small seedlings grow inside a Column Garden

The technology also takes a few other important factors into consideration. Since exposure to moisture and air is carefully controlled, you don’t have to worry about the inside growing algae or developing weird musty odors. Everything you need to get started comes with the Column Garden, including peat moss and fertilizer. Though LG hasn’t provided a full list of the seed types yet, they say they’ll include various kinds of lettuce, arugula, chicory, and basil. It’s easy to imagine all sorts of greens, herbs, and even fruits like strawberries thriving in this setup.

The official press release on LG Newsroom reads: “LG’s indoor gardening appliance lets even the complete novice experience the fun and joy of having a green thumb. Designed for the millions of consumers worldwide who want the peace of mind knowing exactly what’s in their food and where it comes from, the innovative indoor gardening appliance cultivates crisp, fresh herbs and vegetables all year-round, perfect for urban dwellers or anyone interested in pursuing a healthier, greener lifestyle.”

The new LG Column Garden, which allows even the least experienced gardeners to grow fresh produce inside their homes.

“With more and more consumers these days living vegetarian and vegan lifestyles, it was important for us to contribute to this trend,” says Dan Song, president of LG Electronics. “Our first indoor gardening solution represents a new paradigm for LG in home appliances, offering a way for consumers to eat well while providing the joy of growing their own food, consistent with LG’s overall goal of making life better.”

Details on pricing and when the Column Garden will be released for sale aren’t available just yet, but more info is likely to be revealed at CES 2020.