Spider Light: Creepy-Crawly Lamp Clings with Magnetic Legs
Wooden Wall Tiles Make Stunning Personalized Wall Art
Swirl Faucet Creates a Delicate Lattice Effect With Water
Popcorn Monsoon Machine Makes Snacking a Spectacle
Modern Streamlined Wood Stove Puts the Focus on the Fire
Paint-On Wallpaper Changes Your Room’s Look in a Swoosh
Magnetic Wall System Easily Hangs Anything + Everything
Washbasin Turns Into a Suitcase for the Dedicated Traveler
Word’s Smallest Sauna Turns Your Desktop into a Spa
Minimalist 3D-Printed Tap Doubles as a Water Fountain
Futuristic Induction Stove Uses LED Flames to Indicate Heat
Stacking Bathroom Sink Swivels to Hold Everything You Need
Handy Portable Kitchen With Flip-Up Chimneys Moves With You
Simplified Faucet Washes Its Own Handle Every Time It’s Used
Crushable Crinkled Cloud-Like Lamp is Custom-Shapeable
Minimal Auto-Feeder Keeps Your Pet Full + Your Home Lovely