optical illusion lamps 5

Walk toward this series of translucent desktop lamps from across a room, and they’ll seem to go from three-dimensional to two-dimensional right before your eyes. From afar, they look like ordinary lampshades made of a white gridded material, but you can’t quite believe what you see: the effect is an optical illusion.

optical illusion lamps 6 optical illusion lamps 3

Created by Tel Aviv-based design firm Studio Cheha, the BULBING collection consists of three minimalist takes on classic desk lamps. Each shade looks like a fully-rounded 3D design, but every piece of each lamp aside from the connector at the base is completely flat.

optical illusion lamps 4

A laser silhouette of a classic lampshade is etched onto a thick sheet of acrylic glass, and a hidden LED bulb embedded in the wooden support piece completes the illusion. A dimmer switch lets you adjust the brightness so it’s ideal for tasks like reading or working on crafts.

optical illusion lamps 1 optical illusion lamps 2

Studio Cheha has taken to Kickstarter to get the lamp series into production, making them available to the public for pledges starting at roughly $65. The crowdfunding campaign has already surprised its goal threefold with thirty days remaining.