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Two-dimensional wallpaper can liven up a plain wall surface, but it’s still flat, and probably not very interesting in its own right (unless it changes color, lights up or features fold-out elements.) Moving beyond mere wall coverings and into something more akin to sculpture, these wooden panels by MOKO interior are like large-scale art pieces.

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The undulating lines and tactile qualities invite you to run your hand along its surface, interacting with it rather than just observing it from a distance. Ridges and valleys within the wood catch the light in such a way that the patterns in each design change throughout the day.

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The Hungarian design firm debuted 12 unique wall panels in 2014, each inspired by patterns found in nature. They’re made of sustainably-sourced oak, eastern black walnut and other hardwood veneers in finishes ranging from matte to gloss.

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Referring to their designs as ‘vertical sculptures,’ Moko explains that the thin, flexible veneer is easy to mold and shape for a real-wood finish that’s not nearly as heavy or costly as solid wood. The panels can be purchased in various quantities to custom-fit virtually any wall size or shape.