Moko Wood Wall panels Amazona

Two-dimensional wallpaper can liven up a plain wall surface, but it’s still flat, and probably not very interesting in its own right (unless it changes color, lights up or features fold-out elements.) Moving beyond mere wall coverings and into something more akin to sculpture, these wooden wall panels by MOKO interior are like large-scale art pieces.

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The undulating lines and tactile qualities invite you to run your hand along its surface, interacting with it rather than just observing it from a distance. Ridges and valleys within the wood catch the light in such a way that the patterns in each design change throughout the day.

Moko Wood Wall Panels Volga

The Hungarian design firm debuted 12 unique wall panels in 2014, each inspired by patterns found in nature. They’re made of sustainably-sourced oak, eastern black walnut and other hardwood veneers in finishes ranging from matte to gloss.

Moko Wooden Wall Panels Buran

Referring to their designs as ‘vertical sculptures,’ Moko explains that the thin, flexible veneer is easy to mold and shape for a real-wood finish that’s not nearly as heavy or costly as solid wood. The panels can be purchased in various quantities to custom-fit virtually any wall size or shape.

Moko Interior Wood Wall Panels Alaska

The design pictured above is called Alaska. “The starting point for this panel was the northernmost part of the USA, the snowy and icy state of Alaska. The playful and thought-provoking, crater-like hollows evoke the transition from the hardness of ice to the softness of snow and finally to the shapelessness of thaw. In Alaska, the diverse weather conditions and the ample variety of landforms are matter-of-course yet distinctive at the same time – just like this unique panel in an enclosed space. “

Moko Interior Wall Panels Bondi

This one is Bondi. “The inspiration for this wall covering was one of Australia’s most popular spots, the 1 km long Bondi Beach near Sydney. Looking at the massive vertical waves running parallel to each other in perfect harmony one can almost smell the salty scent of the Tasman Sea and see the colourful whirl of swimmers, surfers and sunbathers. The idyllic image of the wind and the sea working the shore together suggests a sense of freedom, and if you want to take this freedom into the interior of your choice, then Bondi is the perfect solution.”

Moko Wood Wall Panels Matra

Another cool one is the faceted Matra. “The Matra mountain range took millions of years to form as a result of several stages of volcanic activity on the territory of today’s Hungary. The design of the panels reflects the distinctive character and aura of Matra. shaped by the forces of nature, this mystical world projects mysterious power and dominance. Spaces adorned with Matra panels are multi-faceted, as is the mountain itself, showing a new face on approach from every direction. High peaks and steep slopes alternate with gentle valleys. The play of light on the mountains never gets repetitive. The view changes every minute as clouds circle the ranges, stroking the hillsides before pouncing on the slopes.”