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Every living space should be a personal work of art – an individual statement of the residents’ personal style. It’s not always easy to achieve that ideal when you’re renting and limited in the amount of painting or wall hole-creating you can do. Las Vegas-based design studio Walls of Original Design, or WOOD, has introduced sustainable wooden tiles that can instantly change the look of an entire room with little effort and no wall damage.

black hexagon wood tiles display

birch grid wood tiles

Each tile is made of sustainably harvested plywood with a real wood veneer. WOOD offers tiles in three shapes: hexagons, “Y” tiles, and herringbone rectangles. The hexagons are available in eight different patterns which can be rotated, combined, and arranged into instant wall art. The “Y” and herringbone tiles are perhaps a bit more limited in their possible customization, but they still make for a stunning visual display when clustered on a wall.

side view wood tile

black and brown wall arrangement wood tiles

The tiles are surprisingly thick and sturdy, though not so heavy that they require special installation materials. They can be hung with double-sided adhesive tape or construction adhesive. For wet or humid environments like bathrooms or kitchens, the WOOD team recommends that you use construction adhesive to keep the tiles in place.

herringbone pattern wood tiles

y tiles

WOOD tiles aren’t meant to cover entire walls like traditional tiles; rather, they are accent pieces that let your creativity shine. The varying patterns, shapes, and colors let you customize your own personal art pieces quickly and mess-free. And when it’s time to move or redecorate, the tiles and double-sided tape can be removed with a minimal amount of drama and wall damage.

(Full disclosure: the author received samples of the product in exchange for a fair, unbiased review.)