3D printed faucets

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Your bathroom faucet seemed fine all these years, but it’s about to feel dreadfully boring. American Standard has unveiled three new faucet designs that look absolutely impossible. They were made using 3D printing, a technique that allows for a great deal of freedom that can’t be matched by traditional manufacturing.

criss cross

criss cross 2

The basic physics of water faucets tell us that the water needs to travel freely through a tube in order to come out of the tap. With traditional manufacturing, that means a straight tube curved down at the end because, well, that’s what works. But the American Standard faucets have crazy criss-crosses, graceful loops, and one absolutely bonkers waterfall.


loops 2

3D printed faucets aren’t completely new; companies have been using the technique to make prototypes for years. There have even been some plastic 3D printed faucets sold to consumers. But the faucets in this line are the first high-quality, working, ready-for-market products.

waterfall 2


Style like this doesn’t come cheap, we’re afraid. To score one of these marvellous pieces of hardware you’ll need patience and many thousands of dollars. The printing process itself takes 24 hours per piece, and then there’s the careful buffing and polishing. All of this fanciness will add up to a price tag of $12,000-$20,000 when the faucets hit the market in 2016.