Minimalist and modern, the sleek black wood stove designs offered by Focus Creations make the glowing flames of the fire the star of the show – as they should be. Many wood stoves prize efficiency over looks, closing up the fire box altogether to blast out maximum heat, but when the stove is augmenting another heat source, being able to gaze at the flames is a higher priority. grappus 3 wood stove 4 The Grappus design, pictured above, is a freestanding stove with a rectangular fire pan as well as a firewood locker in an asymmetrical layout, a large window offering full view of the flames. The self-supporting, slimline design takes up very little space and looks good from every angle. wood stoves 5 wod stove 5 wood stove 6 Other designs hang from the ceiling for a floating effect, all featuring large glass panels that provide that sought-after ambiance and stay clean during the combustion process.