Book Vase: Surprise Sprouts Right Out of Reading Collection
Mobile Home De Markies: Timeless Modular Travel Camper
Nomadic Furniture: All-in-One Trunk for Guest Habitation
Micro Condo: New York Loft Makes 425 Sq Ft Feel Spacious
Transforming Feel Seating System Made of Squishy Spheres
Stacked Black and White Studio House Hugs the Hillside
Wearable Drum Kit Hugs Your Body in Thumping Beats
Up, Then Down: Shelves Fold Neatly Away Until Needed
Magnificent Staircase is Also a Slide, Bookcase + Cinema
Extra-Visual: Gorgeous Desk Has Multi-Directional Drawers
Up, Up + Away: Stilt House is Safe From Floods in Style
Zip Tie: Clever Knot-Free Felt Necktie Uses Zipper Instead
Box Office: Storage Defines Space in Parisian Workplace
Enhanced IKEA: Making Mass-Produced Furniture Unique
Subtle Site Strategy: Garden Wall Home Has Hidden Depths
My Knitted Boyfriend: Body Pillow for Lonely People