Everyone knows that eating fresh, whole foods is better for you than, say, buying a packet of crisps at the corner shop. But because we’ve grown so used to having ready-made foods available to us at all times, the art of gardening seems to have suffered greatly. Not many people know how to plant and grow their own fresh food, particularly those living in urban areas.

Entrepreneurs and siblings Miguel and Rita Ramos want to bring the art of gardening back to Portugal with their kit called Stufa. The simple kit contains a book with advice on how and where to plant your seeds as well as optimal care conditions and even a few recipes.

There are also three small labeled garden stakes so you don’t forget which plant is where. Three bags of seeds complete the kit, giving budding gardeners a great start on their very first home garden.

The goal is not simply to get people to grow their own herbs or vegetables at home; it is to spread vital knowledge that could easily be lost if we don’t take care to preserve it. The Stufa kit is not the end for these entrepreneurs: they plan to create a whole universe of Stufa accessories, including iPhone apps to keep you updated on your plants’ health, automatic irrigation systems and expanded seed offerings.