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When we choose to get away from home, there are many different ways of going about getting some relaxation. Some folks choose a luxurious retreat where everything is taken care of for them from the moment they arrive. Others choose a slightly more rustic, but still remarkable, getaway.

The Delta Shelter from Olson Kundig Architects was designed as a weekend cabin. It is small by some standards – a mere 1000 square feet – and sits directly on a flood plain close to a river.

Because of the risk of flooding, the house is raised on stilts. According to the architects, it can be thought of as a steel box on stilts – but we’ve never seen a steel box look quite this alluring.

When the owners are away – or when threatening weather approaches – the entire house can be shuttered, protecting it from the elements and from possible floods. The shutters are easily opened and closed via a hand crank inside the house.

The home sits on an impressively tiny 20′ X 20′ footprint. Its rooms are stacked on atop the other, with the living room/kitchen occupying the top level and offering some lovely views of the surrounding area.