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These rolling pins aren’t just functional kitchen implements for rolling out pie crusts, they’re alternative design tools that enable amateur cooks to express themselves in a new way. ‘Rollware’ from the Piet Zwart Institute of Rotterdam is part of the ‘Altered Appliances’ project, which investigates how low-tech appliances can be repurposed to encourage creativity.

Rollware includes nine rolling pins with various shapes and patterns laser-cut into their wooden surfaces. The purpose? Making your own edible dishware. Four of the pins will create bowl and plate shapes in various sizes, while the others add textural visual interest.

These simple manual kitchen tools essentially comprise a small home fabrication system for the creation of edible pastry dishes.

Other edible dishes include a set of flour-based place settings by artist Andere Monjo and an edible cookie cup. The cool thing about ‘Rollware’ is you can keep churning out more, and experiment with adding different flavors and colors.