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In most homes, a staircase is a mere utility to get from one level of the building to another. This is all well and good, but isn’t there more that we could be doing with staircases?

Designer Moon Hoon thought so when designing The Panorama House in South Korea. The home on its own is a gorgeous modern piece of architectural art, but the central staircase is what really makes it stand out.

This is no typical up-and-down set of treads, you see. This staircase provides an additional living space for the family. It is transportation between levels, of course, but it is also a library, a cinema, a slide and a play/relaxation area.

The office area which sits beneath the staircase benefits from the ample book storage between the stairs. The rest of the family can grab the book they want to read from the other side of the staircase, as well.

When coming down from the upper level, kids and adults alike have the choice of walking down the stairs or using the massive slide. There is no question in our minds that if we were there, that slide would be in constant use.

But when playtime is over and family time is set to begin, the stairs also provide wonderful seating areas for everyone to sit back and relax. Movies are projected onto the rear wall, making the staircase into a kind of in-home stadium seating theater.

The family who owns the home wanted a compact space in which they could conduct their everyday lives without feeling too cramped. The multi-functional staircase fulfills that desire perfectly, squeezing the functionality of several rooms into the space of just one set of steps.