Regardless of their size or the number of people living in them, homes can tend to become cluttered and overrun with stuff. The solution seems to be buying more storage objects like shelves, but the storage objects themselves often become clutter.

The Clapperboard series of Shelves from Elsa combats the problem of ugly, bulky storage furniture by turning shelves into something a little more sleek, a little more streamlined and – dare we say it? – a little more sexy. The idea is simple: when you don’t need to store anything on the Clapperboard shelves, they fold up flat.

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The flat units sit almost flush against the wall, looking like art pieces or even some new kind of tile. But when you need a shelf (or two or five), you simply pull down one of the flat surfaces to give your stuff a place to rest. The simple idea is gorgeously executed in a number of woods and finishes to let you find the one that fits perfectly with your existing decor.