Enhanced IKEA improving mass-produced furniture

Legs, handles, fronts and tops – it is the details that make or break a furniture design (no matter how good of a deal you got on the product). Sometimes IKEA hits the market, and sometimes it misses – many times, it gets close, but not close enough. If you have ever wondered how to get just a little more out of your own IKEA furniture, Superfront has some solutions for you. Their enhanced IKEA add-ons make a massive difference in the look of this mass-produced furniture.

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Enhanced IKEA sink
Enhanced IKEA furniture feet superfront
Enhanced IKEA sideboard superfront

With little work (certainly less than it takes to assemble many IKEA pieces in the first place) you can add a splash of color, dynamic geometry, hardware or decor to your existing pieces.

Enhanced IKEA knobs superfront

As a bonus, these choose-your-own tweaks also sets non-unique items apart  – after all, who doesn’t recognize IKEA bookcases everywhere these days?

About Superfront

Why does attractive, one-of-a-kind furniture have to cost so much? That’s something we asked ourselves repeatedly when we renovated our first joint flat a few years ago. Our vision stretched much further than our wallets, but we were not even remotely interested in limiting our creativity. So we thought outside the box and asked ourselves how we could create something attractive and unique, without breaking the bank.”

Enhanced IKEA kitchen cabinets superfront

“Our solution was to use the Ikea base cabinets that we already had in our flat, and design our own new cabinet fronts to go with them. Our local woodworker helped us with manufacturing, and the colour we chose – a timeless, pale green hue – is actually the exact same colour as the Aerugo Green found in our colour palette today!”

Enhanced IKEA superfront

“The years after our renovation, more and more of our friends began to follow our example. They would use their Ikea base cabinets and add their own elements to come up with something entirely their own, whether it was designing their own kitchen cabinet doors, adding stone tops or using special handles they found online. Why pay sky-high prices on the High Street, when you can create something far more unique, and at a reasonable price?”