Umbrellas, Fixed: Aerodynamic Design for 70+ MPH Winds
McNasty Manor: Absurdist All-In-One Mini McMansion in 3D
Incredible Home Bookcase Climbs 40 Feet of Interior Walls
Micro-Home Concept Turns Electric Cars into Spare Spaces
12 Gorgeous Gourds: Tropical Lamps Swirl Light & Shadow
Thin is In: The Skinny on a Super-Narrow Japanese House
Spin Space: 360-Degree Room with Zero-Gravity Furniture
Organic Villa Expansion Transforms South African Cottage
Simple Sphere Transforms Bare Bulbs to Soft Ceiling Lights
Shower with Fishies: Built-In Tropical Bathroom Aquarium
Civic Camouflage: A WWII Neighborhood that Never Existed
Door Wrench: Tool-Style Knob Fit for Industrial Interiors
Bare & Bold: Open-Plan Home Flips Public & Private Spaces
Sleep, Sit, Store & Live: 100% Cardboard Furniture Series
Surf & Turf: Wave-Shaped Home Lofted in FEMA Flood Zone
Sublime Spectra: 3 Bookcases Neatly Sorted by Book Colors