Wave shaped Florida home

Beaches can be beautiful … but floods are far from fun (and all too frequent). This Florida home, however, seems to welcome (or challenge) oncoming waves with a huge sweeping arc of its own.

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Wave shaped Florida home behind an oak

This impressive mid-sized vacation-and-guest residence is situated on a thin barrier island, straddling a forested strip of Casey Key turf sandwiched in surf on both sides.

Wave shaped Florida home living

Designed by Totems Inc to mimic canoe and ship hulls, glue-laminated pine beams bring wooden warmth to the inside (and reference surrounding oaks) while allowing curves that would be impossible with traditional lumber.

Wave shaped Florida home lofted

Sometimes the best home property insurance for a flood lies in the architecture rather than a contract. Lofting the main living quarters a story above the ground provides built-in management, as damage is much harder to clean up in occupied interior zones (and mold is a serious issue).

Wave shaped Florida home view
Wave shaped Florida home interior loft

The simple main-floor plan consists of a single bedroom, bathroom, living area and kitchenette – a cozy bedroom is lofted above. Below, steel pilings sunk directly into the ground prevent root-system damage and provide support if the lower level is flooded.

More info from the architects

“The design of the interior space is directly influenced by the unique landscape with windows framing breathtaking views in every direction. The palette of materials is inspired by the colors and textures of the gulf, sky, sand and native vegetation. Each element is careful not to disrupt the overall balance of the space. The bedrooms, living rooms, and office spaces reflect the lifestyle of a multigenerational and extended family with evolving needs.”

Wave shaped Florida home porch

“Versatile and inviting spaces allow for intimate family gatherings as well as formal entertaining, and equally foster privacy and personal retreat. The house is designed to be comfortable whether it’s for two people or ten people. The goal of the client and design team was to ‘respect the people and the land and the rest will follow.’ Considerable attention was paid to preserving the natural beauty and delicate ecosystems on the site. The goal of the main house was to create living spaces that responded to the unique location and met the needs of a multigenerational family. The bay house, constructed first on the site, was designed as a relaxed retreat for guests.”