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As you may remember from previous projects like their day-lit, block-work home and Gerry-esque angular house, Atelier Tekuto tends to tackle strange sites and unique housing design projects.

This uncannily slim residence is certainly no exception – the buildable area above ground was laughably thin from one side of the site to the other, while the property extends back relatively far (by comparison) from the street.

The solution: a highly light-permeable translucent skin illuminates the entirety of the above-ground portion of the home, which filters down through expanded-metal decking to below-ground bedroom and work spaces.

The main level in the middle remains open and semi-private by comparison, while the upper story provides space to expand as well as for storage. Small space living means needing more nooks and crannies, if anything, not fewer.

Meanwhile, moving back on the site the structure compresses absurdly down to the point of accommodating only a single narrow staircase and small rear entrance.

Looking at this fragile and narrow shell, one would never guess how much more there is to the building … nor how much is resolved via under-stairs, out-of-site design solutions.