Bathroom with built-in aquarium

If you wish you could wake up every morning to a nice swim with tropical fish in the front yard, well, you have to own an oceanfront home to make that dream a reality … this built-in aquarium might be a close enough second for more ordinary houses. Translucent glass gives you a window into a miniature underwater world to accompany your showering experience, letting in light and allowing views from inside while protecting privacy on the outside.

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Cesana bathroom shower enclosure built-in aquarium

Embedded directly in the shower stall walls, it could be used for little land animals or other environments, landscapes or objects of design, but somehow fish do seem the most fitting. Design by Cesana.

Via Luxury Launches: “Designed by Giulio Gianturco and Mario Tessarollo, the shower spots translucent-glass walls with light fittings that let you see clearly and enjoy privacy just the same. The shower’s highlight is the illuminated aquarium that can be seen through the shower walls, which can be seen both on the inside and outside as well. If fishes are not what you like in your shower, you can customize the wall as a greenhouse, a shelf, a TV or any other thing that you want in your ideal bathroom to be.”

Cesana bathroom built-in aquarium detail

About Cesana

“For over 50 years Cesana has been the leading company in the production of custom-made crystal shower enclosures. Founded in 1965 in Milan, Cesana has been able to establish itself over time as a specialist in the shower area, marking the history of bathroom furnishings through cutting-edge solutions that have set the way and which today have become icons of style and functionality.”

“Our shower enclosures are the answer to the need of daily moments of calm; they are the result of an Italian tradition which, combined with the most modern manufacturing techniques, gives life to the refined industrialized craftsmanship that we pursue with passion and diligence.”