Stepping into a warm shower or steamy sauna is a terrific way to relax – and the Revolution shower cubicle from Carmenta lets you do both in high style. The Revolution is a small, self-contained spa-like enclosure that makes the most of its space and functionality. The Revolution combines heat, steam and water to make a self-contained wellness center.

Made to fit a variety of bathrooms, the unit comes in four sizes. All include a bench to sit or lie down on as you experience the relaxing water and heat, as well as a stool to prop up your feet or sit on. A music system lets you turn on your favorite soothing sounds while a chromotherapy system uses colored lights to enhance your mood.

One of the options available with the Revolution is a small television, letting you watch your favorite shows as you enjoy a steam or ashowerDespite containing so many features and different types of relaxation gadgets, the Revolution is compact enough to fit into any bathroom. Even the smallest of loos – or an outdoor space – can host the relaxing cabin, turning it from a small and boring part of the home into your own personal spa.