Odds & Ends

Creeping Planters: Modern Pots with Root-Like Appendages
Word’s Smallest Sauna Turns Your Desktop into a Spa
Retractable Legs Let This 5-Gallon Cooler Go Anywhere
Burning Anticipation: Designer Christmas Countdown Candle
Mod Squad: Modular Desk Set Puts Everything in its Place
Time Killer: The Clock That Tries to Saw Itself to Death
Minimalist Wind Chimes: Two-Piece Musical Decorations
Four-Color Coasters Come Together to Form a Masterpiece
Beautifully Designed Garbage Bin is Anything but Trashy
Transforming Hanger Expands to Hold Twice as Many Clothes
Showy Shade: Solar-Powered Cloud Keeps You Safe From the Sun
Flatpack Water Bottle Fits Into Your Bag Like a Notebook
Desk Hammock is a Comfy Suspended Spot for Your Feet
No More Fat Cats: Giant Hamster Wheel Keeps Cats Trim
Books as Art: Wall Storage Suspends Your Book Collection
Warm Fuzzies: Elegant Sculptural Bathroom Towel Warmers