Epic Record Collection
If you love vinyl, you probably collect it. And if you collect it (hoard it, worship it!), your record stockpile can quickly get out of hand and take on epic proportions – especially considering how many awesome reissues are tempting you anywhere from Urban Outfitters to Whole Foods to Barnes & Noble. Vinyl is meant to be shown off, whether you have a prodigious plenitude of platter or just want to showcase a few examples of kaleidoscopic cover art. For the style-conscious record collector, we have amassed some decor and storage ideas that really just inspire us to run out and buy more!
Vinyl Coffee Table
Custom Made Vinyl Cabinet
Snag an uber stylish, custom-made walnut wood cabinet from killscrow.com. The beauty holds circa 70 records and offers easy access via a soft-closure. Starting at $1,500 and upwards, it’s not cheap, but it’s oh-so-gorgeous in the best, minimalist way.
Killscrow Vinyl Cabinet

Record Stand

Atocha Design, who specialize in furniture for music aficionados, call this little stand the “punk-rock younger sibling to the Record Cabinet.” It holds a whopping 300 of your fave vinyl possessions and is handmade with de rigueur mid-century–inspired good looks ($1,275 at atochadesign.com).
Record Stand
They also make to-die-for DJ stands, record cabinets, and this rock-star-worthy Kick Back Cocktail Table. It’s the Ziggy Stardust (Jack White? Elton John? Kanye?) of cocktail tables.
Album Side Table
This piece de resistance is irresistibly incredible. The side table doesn’t actually hold LPs. It’s a faux representation with ply-resin coating made to look like a real vinyl collection. Best: You can choose your own album covers. OK, so we lied and it won’t actually store your stuff. But it’s pretty cool, huh? $900 from www.bughouse.com. They also make a lust-worthy coffee table (see top image).
Vinyl Side Table

Corner Store Vinyl Record Rack
Small space? No reason to skimp on style. This iron, vintage-inspired Corner Store Vinyl Record Rack offers three shelves with dimensions of 3.75″l, 9″w, 35″h. Just enough storage to showcase your best-looking, most impressive goodies! ($59 at www.urbanoutfitters.com)
Urban Outfitters Record Rack
Records on Walls
Record covers are undoubtedly pieces of art. Steve from Records on Walls, a huge collector himself, designs highly functional record frames that do not put the vinyl behind glass but allow for easy access. His site offers loads of beautiful ideas for how to display your top tunes. He promises the frames can be installed on pretty much any surface! (Starting prices as low as $7 a piece at www.recordsonwalls.com)
Records on Walls Room Divider
Records as room divider above. Record cover wall art below.
Records on Walls Inspiration
Featured Image via Esquire