Darth Vader Stove

The force doesn’t officially awaken until December 2015 (when the new movie drops), but in the meantime, Star Wars fans all over the world can geek out with these epic Darth Vader stoves.


Alex Dodson, a schoolteacher in England is the creative force (pun intended) behind these cool pits. He handcrafts the wood burners from old LP gas cylinders. And voilà, they become fierce and fiery stoves. The magic happens in his spare time. So be patient when you order one from abroad.


Besides Vader, Dodson has also made Boba Fett, Storm Troopers, R2D2 along with Batman, Ironman and other characters. Custom designs and commissioned work is welcome, so start thinking about the personality you’d like to be spewing fire in your backyard.


Each stove takes about ten hours to make. According to Dodson, his Boba Fett was “power welded, cleaned and painted in a day.”


More info on U.S. prices and international shipping costs at www.facebook.com/BurnedbyDesign